Utility company develops new games to spread the word on energy efficiency

Chicago-based ComEd, an energy provider for the Northern Illinois area,  has developed a new series of games for iPhones and Android devices that aim to educate the general public about energy efficiency.

ComEd has been working to make remotely managing a home's energy consumption easier for people with mobile devices. These new games are the latest cyber tools developed by the company to increase involvement between ComEd and its customers.

The four games are called "Energy Efficiency 101," "Fast Fridge," "Smart Home" and "Power On!"

In "Energy Efficiency 101," players are quizzed on environmentally friendly practices through a multiple choice questionnaire. Topics range from CFL bulbs and LED lighting to programmable thermostats and environmentally friendly appliances.

The other games veer from quizzing and help users gain familiarity with best practices. "Fast Fridge" is a timed game where users must remove items from a refrigerator before cool air escapes. "Smart Home" simulates real programs offered by the company to manage a home's electricity remotely, while "Power On" gives you the power to dispatch fictional utility workers to fix problems with a fictional electric grid.

Whether a homeowner is ComEd customer or not, they can use these games to get up to date with the latest in green practices. Increased efficiency can also be achieved in the home if residents seek an energy audit from a home inspection contractor to highlight where electricity is being wasted.