Two months after Hurricane Sandy, 65 percent of Rockaway, Queens, residents still have mold in their homes

More than two months after Hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast, residents of New York and New Jersey are still struggling to repair damages left behind by the super storm. Previously in this blog, we've written about the infant who became sick due to the presence of mold in her home, as well as other residents who dealt with mold infestations shortly after the hurricane. New reports, however, suggest that this is still a huge issue for East Coast residents, even eight weeks later.

According to CBS New York, homeowners in Rockaway, Queens, are still trying to recover from Hurricane Sandy and combat the serious mold infestations.

Derek Casey, whose condominium was flooded during the late-October super storm, told the source that the mold in his home is continuing to grow, and he wonders if the government has any plans to help he and and fellow Rockaway residents remove it.

"This has to be addressed aggressively. If you don't address it aggressively, more and more people get sick. More and more homes and apartments can't be lived in," New York City Public Advocate Bill de Blasio said of the mold infestations.

According to data from the New York Communities for Change, 65 percent of Rockaway residents still have mold, and the fungus has been growing in thousands of the area's houses and apartment buildings.

If left untreated, mold can become a serious issue, and lead to potentially dangerous health problems. The worst part is, some homeowners don't even know they have it until it turns into a full-on outbreak. If your house has been affected, or if you just want to be proactive, a home inspection contractor can perform mold testing to help you determine next steps.