Top winter home selling tips you need to know

If you're planning on selling your home in 2016, you just may be in luck. Many experts are forecasting great conditions for home sales this winter across the U.S.

"The 2016 housing market is forecasted to be mainly a seller's market, filled with increasing home prices, relatively low inventory, and fierce competition between buyers," says Jonathan Smoke, chief economist for

With this information in mind, how can you close the best deal for your sales? Keep the following three tips in mind:

  • Design with buyers in mind: An open house during the winter must have two distinct features a warm and inviting feeling. As the winter months can be cold, it's important to ensure potential buyers are warm and comfortable during their time in your home.
  • Offer some form of incentive: Some experts believe the winter is a less busy time to list, while others see it as one the busiest of the year. To be on the safe side, consider offering an incentive such as lowering closing costs or shaving some money off the top of the asking price. According to Realtor, 37 percent of all sellers offered incentives to attract buyers this past year alone.
  • Price your home to the market standard: 2016 prices are expected to rise by at least 3 percent this year. With this in mind, be sure to list your home with the best price possible. Play to the market, but also be sure to give yourself enough wiggle room in terms of changes. Check out the listings of nearby homes and ask around for the perfect number.

Before selling your home, also consider investing in an energy audit. By displaying the energy efficiency of your home, some visitors may be more inclined to buy. Learn more on our website.