Tips for having a green Halloween

Halloween is finally here.That means loads of local children will be hitting the streets and knocking on doors looking for those coveted candy treats. While you may be more concerned with getting your child's costume right than energy efficiency on October 31, that doesn't mean you can't have fun and be environmentally conscious over the holiday. Here are a few tips to help you stay green on All Hallow's Eve without putting a damper on your seasonal style:

Block parties – Not only does sharing the duties of organizing festivities help you alleviate the stress of hosting a party yourself, it also conserves resources. You don't need to drive kids to the best places in town to get candy, as everyone in the neighborhood can get together to make sure no trick or treater's leave empty handed.

Healthy candy alternatives – Instead of going to the store and buying bags of fun-size candy, consider healthy alternatives like toasted pumpkin seeds, "guacamole brain dip" and other imaginative creations. This will save you money and help your kids avoid that nasty sugar high. 

Homemade decor – Another way to pool your resources is to avoid hitting up the store for new decorations. Instead, use items you have around the house. Making headstones out of cardboard boxes, for instance, or using old clothes to stuff a scarecrow will have the same spooky effect as if you paid top dollar for your decor.

After you wrap the party up, you can continue the green kick by contacting a Maryland home inspector to highlight areas of the house where you could make modifications to lower your utility costs.