Tips for going green this winter

With the leaves changing and temperatures dropping, there's no denying that fall is upon us and winter is just around the corner. As heating bills look to grow this season, homeowners can best help themselves and their wallets by implementing energy efficiency measures that help regulate indoor temperatures and lead to lower utility costs..

The Macon County Conservation District has compiled a short list of some small green improvements that can help rack up some big savings:

  • Keep thermostat low when you're not home: As long as you're not around to be bothered by changes in temperature, keeping your thermostat programmed low while you're out of the house is a handy way to save money.
  • Seal up air leaks: Drafts from leaky doors and windows are common contributors to cold indoor temperatures and, consequently, high heating costs. Sealing up these leaks with weather stripping and caulk can go a long way in improving energy efficiency and saving money.
  • Use the sun: Opening your curtains and blinds to let in sunlight can warm a house without having to rely on your heating system. Remember to close these again at night for insulation.

A home inspection can also help significantly in making a home more efficient for the winter. Professional home inspectors can perform an energy audit of your property, evaluating ways in which your house may be wasting energy and how this waste can contribute to both high utility bills and carbon dioxide emissions. With their help, you can correct these issues, reduce CO2 emissions and enjoy cheaper utility costs in the long run.