Three reasons to schedule a home inspection before winter

As the old saying goes, a stitch in time saves nine, and here at Alban Inspections our equivalent is "a home inspection in time saves time and money later." Having your home inspected before winter is a commonsense way of making sure you and your family are prepared for the hazards and difficulties of the season. Here are three reasons why it's wise to schedule an inspection sooner rather than later:

  • Convenience: As the cold season ramps up, so does the number of calls to home inspection businesses from homeowners and renters with weather-related repairs that have taken them by surprise. Scheduling your inspection ahead of time helps you beat the traffic, so to speak, and make sure your home is ready for the inclement weather ahead.
  • Heat safety: Before you start using your home heating system regularly, it is important that you check it for defects that might pose a safety risk later on. Gas and carbon monoxide leaks are extremely dangerous if not noticed right away, but easy to correct once they are. There is also the risk of fire caused by dust and debris accumulating in the heating system while it sits unused, then combusting once the heat is turned on. Having your heating system cleaned and checked for leaks ensures that your family will stay both warm and safe through the winter.
  • Roof integrity: If there are any structural flaws in your roof, the pressure of accumulated snow and ice can cause them to worsen, leading to cave-ins and other damage. A home inspection can discover these flaws even when they aren't obvious, allowing you to take measures to fix them before the snow starts to fall.

In conclusion: why wait? Call Alban Inspections today to schedule your inspection.