The value of having a home inspection

The question of why someone should invest in a home inspection, from both homeowners and home seekers, usually comes from the desire to save money. But the value of a quality inspection is so evident that often both a buyer and seller have one performed on a property under consideration. 

The motivation for a seller having an inspection done before listing a property is to stay ahead of any complications that may hinder a transaction. Knowing what the shortcomings of a property also provides the information needed to produce an appropriate asking price.

{new para} The value of an inspection for a buyer is a little more obvious since after a contract has been signed, the cracked foundation that may come with that new home officially becomes his or her problem. Many properties look like they are in pristine condition on the surface but the American Home Inspector Society estimates that at least half of all resale homes presently on the market have at least one significant defect. 

Joe Wszolek, Chief Operating Officer of the Greater Northwest Indiana Association of Realtors, tells The Hanford Sentinel that, "While not all lenders require a home inspection, it is becoming the norm to include an inspection in the vast majority of home transactions. When you are spending that kind of money on a major purchase, you want to make sure you know what you are buying."

A consistent maintenance routine is the most effective way to prevent costly defects from developing. Nevertheless, with the general structure of a home being a buyer's top concern, after location, size and style, an inspection provides an invaluable service.

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