The myth about your thermostat debunked

There are many myths and misconceptions about how to go about weatherizing your home as colder temperatures begin to descend this winter. By utilizing practices that encourage energy efficiency, you can get the most out of your property without breaking the bank.

Fox News recently released a list of common mistakes homemakers make when preparing their residences for the changing season. The most common one pertains to your home's heating system, and the myth that you should turn off your thermostat as early as you can in the season.

In reality, you may be making a big, and costly, mistake in the long run while trying to save on your utility bills in the short term. If you live in an area where the temperatures dip below the freezing mark, there is a good chance that your pipes may eventually burst because of freezing. As well, should your home get unbearably cold because you had your thermostat completely turned off, abruptly turning it back on may be more costly as the heating system plays catch-up  than if you had kept the thermostat at a steady temperature.

The source recommends making the small investment for a programmable thermostat that will keep your home at a steady and comfortable temperature throughout the season. The less variance the better, as your thermostat won't have to play catch up because you are temperamental with keeping your home heated.

As well, a lot of people who have fireplaces may believe that these units are a simple solution to their home heating expenses. However aesthetically pleasing a fireplace may be, heat actually escapes out of the flue.

An energy audit from a home inspection contractor will also go far in helping homeowners prepare for the cold weather that is already affecting much of the country.