The most common problems found in home inspections

Sometimes home inspections can turn up truly unusual things, like a door that opens onto a 20-foot drop from the second floor, or a family of snakes in the walls (both true stories). However, the majority of the time, the problems discovered by our inspectors fall within a few common categories. Here are some of the problems they are most likely to find:

  • Roof issues: As roofing materials age, they deteriorate, causing rainwater to leak into the home. Asphalt shingles will begin to curl up after 15 to 40 years, and concrete and slate are prone to cracking. Gaps or cracks in flashing, which guards the joints of the roof against water, are also common.
  • Electrical safety: Ensuring that your house is wired properly is one of the most important parts of the home inspection, because unsafe wiring can be extremely dangerous. Exposed wires and wires that are connected only by electrical tape are common problems associated with do-it-yourself wiring jobs and should be corrected immediately if they are found. 
  • Grading and drainage problems: If the surrounding ground slopes toward the house rather than away, water is directed toward the foundation and can cause leakage into the basement and structural damage. Moisture is the main cause of rot, mold and structural deterioration, so it is critical to determine whether your home is at risk for these issues.
  • Lack of ventilation: A home without proper ventilation is stuffy and uncomfortable, and can become dangerous. It can also cause condensation to form on the structure, leading to moisture issues.
  • General poor maintenance: Unfortunately, not all homeowners are as scrupulous as we might like them to be, and if you are moving into an older home it is likely that some of its components will be less than functional. 

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