Sunrooms and sunspaces can improve your home’s energy efficiency

Sunspaces are pleasant living areas that can also be an additional source of heat for your home and provide a place to grow plants indoors. Energy-efficient sunrooms can be a wise financial investment and may also increase the value of your home. If you are considering adding a sunspace during an upcoming renovation project, remember to keep some of the following tips and suggestions in mind:

Reason for the space

What what will be the primary purpose of your sunspace? At heat source? A greenhouse? Just a warm place to sit in the winter? These factors will determine how the sunroom needs to be designed. For example, if you want a greenhouse, you will need almost full exposure to the sun and a space conducive to water evaporation. If you are just interested in an additional living area, you would need to ensure that there is minimal humidity and that it can be well shaded in the summer. 


To maximize the collection of solar heat, your sunspace should ideally be facing due south, but an area oriented no more than 30 degrees east or west will also provide a sufficient amount of heat. Where you are able to build the room will ultimately depend on the current landscape of your property. 

Heat distribution 

You should have vents in your sunspace that can circulate warm air throughout the house. Air can be directed manually, or you can install motors that will come on automatically based on the temperature in the house. 

Adding a sunroom is a major renovation project that should be done by a professional. While you're in the process of finding a contractor, be sure to schedule a home inspection as well.