Staging strategies: Outdoor areas [Video]

In this video series, we will explore home staging strategies for key locations prospective buyers often scrutinize during walkthroughs. First up: outdoor areas!

Curb appeal is a major concern for most buyers. So, make some small, yet eye-catching adjustments to your home’s facade. First, trim your existing trees and shrubs so they don’t block windows or key architectural features. Next, add some pops of color to highlight points of interest and give your home some additional character.

Once you’ve tackled the front yard, move around to the back. If you have a patio area, call in a power-washing service to get rid of any longstanding grime. Then, address your outdoor furniture situation. Working with drab but salvageable pieces? Role on a new coat of paint to freshen things up. Dealing with irredeemable furniture? Nab a new outdoor dining set.

Thanks for watching! Check back later for more home staging strategies.