Solar panels from Big D electric endure despite Hurricane Sandy

Maryland-based solar energy company Big D Electric faced a huge challenge last week when the damaging winds and punishing rains of Hurricane Sandy battered the Delmarva Peninsula. Having installed solar panels on public and private buildings throughout the Northeast, the bosses at the energy provider feared that many of the units, although expertly installed, may have been taken down, as property damage was abundant following the storm.

However, when Big D's owner and master electrician Betsy Delozier drove by a laundromat on October 30 that the company had recently installed roof panels onto, the units had remained intact, according to a recount she had given to

The same was true at Frostburg State University, where Delozier and her team had installed a myriad of solar panels on the school's Sustainable Energy Research Facility.

"That area sustains some really good winds up there," Delozier told the source. "I held my breath as I went by…and there was no damage to that system either."

The mounts that had been used on both of these buildings were designed by TRA-Mage, a specialty roofing company that has worked with Big D Electric on numerous projects throughout the region.

Delozier explains that the roof mounts from TRA-Mage are the most durable because they feature the fewest parts possible allowing for a solid structure that will stand up to any number of winds.

Because the solar panels weren't removed during the hurricane, homes and businesses that utilize this power source were able to get electricity up and running faster than those who reliied on the power grid.