Small Brooklyn community has the worst mold problem one expert has ever seen

We’ve reported quite a bit over the past several months that there are a number of cities and towns in New York and New Jersey experiencing mold problems after Hurricane Sandy tore through the East Coast in late October 2012. 

According to a February 12 article from New York Daily News, relief groups in New York are warning that Gerritson Beach, a small community in Brooklyn, will likely face serious mold issues as the warm weather approaches. Nearly 2,000 homes in the town were flooded as a result of the super storm and Eric Klein, CEO of, an organization that helps provide lasting solutions to critical problems such as natural disasters, said that Gerritson Beach has the worst mold problem he has ever seen.

Although mold can be found all year round, according to The Weather Channel, it thrives in warm, humid environments, which explains why people in Gerritson Beach are wary about the spring and summer, knowing the hot weather will cause the fungus that already lives within their homes to grow. Many residents in the area have already noticed its effects, reporting that exposure to mold has worsened asthma symptoms and led to other health problems.

Pat Bartha, a 57-year-old Frank Court resident, told the source that she thinks the fungus caused a bad bout of bronchitis she recently suffered from.

“I’m scared to death,” Bartha said, explaining that she shares her home with her pregnant daughter, whose baby will be born right around the time that the mold problem is expected to worsen.

Exposure to mold can lead to serious health issues, and should never be taken lightly. To make sure your home or business isn’t infested with this potentially dangerous fungi, contact a home inspection contractor to perform mold testing and help you determine if you’re safe.