See the light: Homeowners may still be leary of energy-efficient lighting

It should not take an energy audit for homeowners to learn about the benefits of energy-efficient lighting, but as incandescent bulbs are slowly phased out, some may need a little more convincing.

For most consumers, incandescent light bulbs represent a technology that they have grown up around, as the warm glow from these bulbs greeted them every evening in their homes. Some are still not accustomed to the somewhat different hue of light that CFL bulbs give off, although companies are constantly improving even this downside, as newer bulbs that give off a warmer light are also available for sale.

Writing for The Huffington Post on May 7, ConservAmerica vice president David Jenkins said that much of the controversy over the government's new standards for energy-efficient light bulbs is inappropriate given the benefits of the bulbs. He praises the innovations that helped produce the new bulbs and reminds his readers that consumers still have a choice to buy CFL bulbs, their incandescent predecessors, or newer LED bulbs, depending on their preferences.

"Now that everyone can see that rumors of the incandescent bulb's demise were greatly exaggerated, it is time to let our elected officials know that dim-witted efforts to roll back or impede enforcement of the new lighting standards will carry a political price," Jenkins writes. "If our elected officials are willing to mislead the public and turn their backs on such easy energy savings, they are probably not capable of leading us to a brighter future."

Reluctant homeowners who still refuse to use any lighting fixture that does not include an energy-efficient bulb may want to consultant with a Washington, D.C. home inspector with knowledge of lighting options. This housing professional may be able to change their minds and set them on a path toward lower utility bills.