Score a hot deal with these summer homeselling tips [Video]

Summer is homeselling season. Approximately 60 percent of residential real estate transactions take place with the sun high in the sky and kids roaming free. If you’re interested in entering the market during the warmer months, you’ll have to perform some summertime property prep.

Outdoor spaces should be your first concern, as hiding curb appeal issues will be nearly impossible. So, trim your lawn and call in a landscaper to plant some fresh flowers and shrubs. Of course, be sure to choose seasonal plants that can hold up in the summer heat. Dehydrated foliage is never attractive.

Also, if you’ve got a pool or large patio, play it up. These areas are particularly attractive to summertime home shoppers.

When formulating a plan of attack for your home’s interior, envision how it might feel with no air-conditioning. Are the spaces cluttered and suffocating, or open and breezy? You definitely want the latter. Additionally, see if your A/C unit is working well. If not, buyers will notice – quickly.

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