Saving energy and money with metal roofs

Clean energy initiatives and an interest in sustainable living are quickly becoming more popular in the United States. Homeowners and those in the market for a new house are becoming more educated on the financial and environmental benefits of green projects and are expressing that enthusiasm by spending more on environmentally-friendly renovations and new homes with clean energy features. In response to these shifting priorities, many home builders are seeking out the best ways to meet these relatively new standards being sought by both consumers and governing bodies. Among the many new strategies and approaches to building homes, metal roofing is quickly becoming one of the more popular options. 

Built with tin, copper and galvanized steel, among other materials, metal roofs are already well known for their durability — lasting up to three times longer than shingled roofs — and capacity for withstanding harsh elements year-round. But they are also compatible with clean energy enthusiasts because of their top notch money saving traits. During hot summer months, metal roofs are often referred to as 'cool' roofs because of their ability to reflect, rather than absorb, sunlight, saving homeowners up to 40 percent in cooling costs.  

Many metal roofs also come with high quantities — up to 40 percent — of recycled steels, while the roofs themselves remain 100 percent recyclable. The significance of that statistic is hard to ignore when it's contrasted with the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) estimation of 11 million tons of asphalt shingles ending up in landfills annually.

Given all of these features, it's no mystery why, according to The San Francisco Gate, metal roofs can improve a home's value by 1 to 6 percent. The promise of lowered utility bills is difficult to resist. If you live in the Maryland area and are looking to have an energy audit evaluate your own power consumption needs and potentially cut down on your own utility expenses, schedule an appointment with leading home inspection company Alban Inspections!