Save money and energy this summer

What stands in the way of a lot of people living a more energy-efficient life is the misconception that it will require a large amount of money to make the necessary upgrades or sacrificing a bit of comfort that you may be accustomed to. In fact, by making your home more efficient in how it consumes power, you will end up saving money in the long run on your monthly utility payments. This will be especially important in the summer months, as it will cost homeowners more and more to keep their houses at a comfortable temperature indoors.

Here are a few ways you can decrease your house's power consumption this summer:

  • Buy a new refrigerator: One of the biggest users of energy in any house is the refrigerator, as it is constantly plugged in and being opened and closed. If your fridge is more than a decade old, it is time to invest in a newer, more efficient model. Don't let the old refrigerator use up your electricity.
  • Buy local items: If you are food shopping, make sure to purchase items that have been grown locally. This will be help the environment by supporting companies that don't release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere from shipping their products all over the country.
  • Take the train: Instead of taking your car to work or school everyday, opt for public transportation instead. This way, you will cut down on the greenhouse gases that you emit into the atmosphere on a regular basis.

If you live in Maryland and want to make your home more environmentally-friendly, schedule an appointment for a home inspection with Alban Inspections today!