Save big on energy bills with proper insulation

There's no doubt about it: Summer can be an expensive season. Not just in terms of vacations and weekend beach trips, but simply when it comes to living comfortably. With one 90-degree heat wave following another, this year has been particularly uncomfortable to get through without air conditioning. But blasting AC all day, every day is hardly conducive to affordable electricity bills and eco-friendly lifestyles. Implementing more energy efficiency measures at home can help bring down those expenses while still staying cool this summer.

"Keeping energy efficiency in mind has both environmental and economic impacts," Joe Pryor, with the Oklahoma Association of Realtors, told local news source The Catoosa Times. "Not only does taking steps to reduce energy have the potential to save home owners on energy bills, but the possibility of saving money often can be very attractive to prospective buyers should you decide to sell your home in the future."

Weak insulation is one of the biggest contributors to wasteful energy use. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Energy reveal that temperature regulation amounts for as much as 70 percent of the typical home's power usage. A household not being properly insulated allows cool air to escape, forcing homeowners to have their HVAC system running longer to keep a steady temperature. A few of the most common air leakage spots in a house are door frames, windows, attics and places where the exterior and the foundation meet – such as siding or brick.

Virginia homeowners can get help with this by making an appointment with Virginia home inspectors. Home inspection contractors can identify areas around the house that require insulation, as well as other measures you can take advantage of to create more energy efficient homes with lower electric bills.