Renovations to Washington, D.C. apartments make housing more affordable

An expansive affordable housing complex in a prized sector of Washington, D.C. has received an energy efficient renovation that will enhance the living conditions in 396 apartments.

Enterprise Community partners has operated the Fairway Park housing project for 30 years, bringing quality housing to area residents with income well below the area's average.

The renovations aim to not only make the units seem more luxurious, but also to help residents save more on monthly bills than they would living in less efficient communities.

The projects utilize innovative irrigation and stormwater retention systems that will take advantage of natural resources to help renters reduce their waste. As well, the renovations used locally sourced materials to cut costs on the project and minimize emissions during the construction process.

David Bowers, head of Enterprise, told the Washington Post that he believes maintaining affordable housing can be achieved through a collaboration with city leaders and the private sector.

"When it comes to our city leaders, there really needs to be a sense of urgency for funding changes, policy changes and more coordination when it comes to preserving affordability," Bowers said in a statement to the source.

To ensure that the upgrades don't hike up rents in the area, the management company has decided to cap rents at no more than 60 percent below the market average for the next 30 years. The 33-building complex, which overlooks the Langston Golf Course, is located off Maryland Avenue near H Street, an increasingly popular area for new home construction.

Each unit has its own central air conditioning, clothes washers and dishwashers, all with energy efficiency certifications.

Homeowners looking to take advantage of similar savings that can make their homes more affordable by lowering their monthly costs should look into an energy audit from a home inspection contractor.