Reasons to have a new home inspected

Although it may seem redundant, scheduling a home inspection for a newly built home is a crucial part of the buying process. No matter how new or renovated a home may seem, having it checked over by a professional is a vital step toward peace of mind for both the buyer and the seller.

Despite many experts agreeing that holding a home inspection during the building process is the right thing to do, many builders oppose them for a number of reasons. Some believe it is a question of their professionalism and building capabilities. Others do not want their workers or work flow interrupted by constant check-ins.

There is a happy medium that can be achieved for all parties involved. According to the American Society of Home Inspectors, there are three important times during building in which a home inspection should be conducted. These include prior to the pouring of foundation, prior to insulation and drywall and prior to the final walkthrough. 

During these inspections, a trusted inspector should look for a host of issues such as water damage, unsafe or sloping foundation, cracks in the walls and other issues. 

Not conducting a proper home inspection before, during and after a home is being built can cause serious issues in the future including monetary, stress and even health-related problems. 

Enlisting the help of an Alban inspector is a great way to ensure your home is ready and safe to move into. Our trusted employees are experienced in a range of issues including plumbing and heating, electrical systems, roof and attic problems, as well as windows and visible insulation.

A home inspection cost can greatly outweigh the cost of not having one conducted. Learn more on our website