Realtor safety remains hot button issue

One year after Arkansas realtor Beverly Carter was kidnapped and murdered while showing a home, the National Association of Realtors is again relaying the importance of realtor safety.

For autumn, what should you, as a realtor, keep in mind in terms of safety?

A new application has been developed in her memory, called the Bev Score, set to be released soon. The app uses GPS technology to verify who you say you are, as well as tracking your general location. It also allows users to rate others based on personality traits such as aggression or politeness. 

In addition to safety apps, there are some tips that real estate agents can follow in order to keep themselves safe when showing homes.

These include:

  • Avoid meeting strangers alone: Before showing potential buyers the home, be sure to meet them first in a public space such as an office or coffee shop. Getting a feel for them is essential for your safety.
  • Consider creating a distress code: Having a coded distress signal among coworkers may be best for those who work alone frequently or run intro trouble.
  • Trust your gut: Often, if you have a suspicious feeling or are unsure of potential buyers, chances are there is a reason why you feel that way. If this occurs, stop the showing right away and leave out the nearest exit. 
  • Use an ID form for prospects: Before showing a property, have potential buyers fill out a form detailing their name, address, make of their car and driver's license information, as well as anything else you feel is pertinent. Be sure they know someone else has seen this information and can relay it if necessary.

For more realtor safety tips, visit our website. If you're selling your home, consider an energy audit to determine energy efficiency for a stronger selling point.