Professor to live in dumpster for a year

One man is taking dumpster diving to a whole new level.

Last October, Huston-Tillitson University environmental professor Jeff Wilson began checking out dumpsters around the city, sizing them up to see which one would make a suitable home. Wilson has pledged to spend one year living in a dumpster, a space that is roughly one-eighth the size of an average home. He is doing this to simply bring attention to the issue of energy efficiency and sustainability, areas he sees as cause for immediate concern that is largely being ignored by the general population.

Wilson's ultimate goal in his endeavor is to use only one percent of water and energy that he normally would in a home, while also producing only one percent of the average waste of a household. Wilson has told reporters that the reaction he most often gets from people while discussing his plans is sympathy and see his dream of living in a dumpster as something only a freak would pursue. But Wilson is not bothered with those appearances, as he is more concerned with doing his part to help the planet.

On Monday, February 4th, Wilson's 36 square-foot abode was laid on its foundation. When asked why he did not choose a bigger space, Wilson said that it would be less of a challenge and would defeat the entire purpose of his project. The whole process is a three part initiative – part one is calling the dumpster home for two months, part two is turning it into an average American home and part three is making the whole space solar-powered by attaching panels.

While Wilson's dedication to the environment is admirable, there are steps you can take to improve your home energy efficiency without moving into a dumpster. Alban Inspections recommends the use of LED bulbs to reduce your energy consumption.