Preparing your home for energy efficiency and mold this summer

As spring turns over to summer, the seasonal change can expose weaknesses in your home or introduce all-new issues that arise because of the shift in weather. This is especially true lately, given the prevalence of natural disasters that may have, directly or indirectly, damaged your home, leaving it vulnerable. Here are some helpful considerations to be mindful of when managing your home this summer.

  • Insulation: As temperatures soar outside, there will be the temptation to turn up the air conditioning. But cooling your house all season brings increased energy bills with it. To save yourself some money and improve the energy efficiency of your home, consider improving your property's insulation. Insulating your house can help control your energy demands and can be accomplished in any manner of places, from the walls and ceiling to installing vinyl sliding into your doors or windows.
  • Mold: The rain from summer thunderstorms may pool in your basement or crawl spaces. This combination of water gathering in your home and warm temperatures is the perfect recipe for mold. While not all mold is dangerous, it can quickly become a problem for homeowners depending on what kind it is, especially when it is difficult to see or smell. To avoid mold this summer, make sure to keep your home dry and ensure that your drainage systems are working properly to expel any excess water gathering on your property.

These are just a few pieces of advice to remember when looking to keep your energy bills down and your house clean this summer. To learn more about home insulation or mold testing, schedule an appointment for a home inspection today.