Poll: Number of energy-conscious Americans shrinking

All across the world, people celebrated Earth Day this weekend, as countless events promoting awareness about the environment were held. But, it's possible that many individuals either tuned out the day's events or are no longer as interested as they once were in the movement toward home energy efficiency, assuming a new poll is correct.

The newest Harris Poll regarding Americans' attitudes toward the environment, which has been conducted since 2009, shows a drop in the feelings of many respondents. Americans are about 3 percent less likely to buy food in bulk, reuse old items, use less water and purchase organic products. The survey does not mention homeowners' attitudes toward home energy efficiency, specifically renovations designed to lower a property's energy use.

Although researchers did not speculate as to the reasons consumers have turned away from energy efficiency, it is possible that worldwide economic turmoil has caused many to use their money for more immediate concerns, since many of the benefits of energy efficiency are more long-term in nature. Still, if more individuals knew that some ways of cutting their energy bills – such as purchasing CFL bulbs – were actually quite cheap, they may be more willing to do so. The money saved could be well worth it.

Another reason Americans may be turning against the energy efficiency movement could involve a perceived high degree of difficulty in making energy-efficient homes. Green energy improvements could appear challenging if homeowners are unfamiliar with the best strategies for cutting their energy bills. But, by working with a certified D.C. home inspector who can conduct an energy audit, homeowners can be assisted throughout the process and have no difficulties improving their properties.