Poll: A majority of Americans want to see energy efficiency action taken

Two new polls have revealed how seriously Americans feel about energy efficiency, as well as how energy policies are being handled by Congress and the Obama administration. The polls were conducted by the University of Texas at Austin and the nonprofit advocacy group OurEnergyPolicy.org throughout March, with the results released at the end of last month.

What the pollsters at the University of Texas found was that four out of five Americans – both consumers and those who work professionally in the energy field – believe that renewable sources of power are essential for the future of the country. Having concrete plans in place to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels is something that elected representatives need to focus on.

The poll from OurEnergyPolicy.org reported an American general population that has almost entirely lost faith in the government's ability to take substantive action on this issue. Two-thirds of those surveyed told the website that they believe constructive energy policies would help the country, were it not for the political fighting that occurs between the parties.

"It's encouraging that most Americans, as well as informed energy industry professionals, place such a high priority on energy efficiency," Sheril Kirshenbaum, director of the UT Energy Poll, said in a statement.

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