Own a home? Protect your investment with regular inspections

When's the last time you had a home inspection? If you are like many Americans, it was probably the last time you bought a property. However, regular inspections can go a long way toward protecting what may be your single biggest financial investment. Just like prophylactic medical care can prevent or catch scary health problems before they have time to get out of control, home inspections can give you the chance to deal with an issue before it becomes a major drain on your finances. 

Here are a few things that a regular home inspection can address:

  • Creosote: If too much creosote builds up inside your fireplace, you could have a serious fire hazard on your hands. Better to know the issue exists now than to find out the hard way.
  • Lead paint: Changing life circumstances sometimes mean that factors that weren't of concern to you before suddenly are. For example, if you've had a baby since moving into your home, you may want to ask a home inspector to double-check your property for lead paint. 
  • Mold and mildew: Mold is often one of the most dangerous, costly and hard-to-fix problems a property can have. If a home inspector advises you that you are at risk of mold, you can take easy and inexpensive steps to prevent it. If they tell you that you have the beginnings of mildew growth, you can stop it before it has time to take over. However, mold that has sat unimpeded for too long can be incredibly difficult and pricey to eradicate. 

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