Not your average energy-efficient home: San Francisco couple lives in a converted school bus

There are certainly some unique living situations out there, but it's not everyday that you come across a story about a couple choosing to live in a school bus. For San Francisco residents Richard and Rachel lane, however, this is their dream home.

"We wanted to make a home together, and this was a way we could own our own property and really create our own lifestyle," Rachel told AOL Real Estate. "With modular dwellings, everything's kind of decided for you, so you're not truly creating the structure you want to live in. So, for us, we found it was really advantageous to develop our own unique living space."

The Lanes purchased the 39-foot bus on Craigslist and have been living on it for four years. It's their own unique version of the American dream: They don't pay rent or a mortgage and, most importantly, they are able to live completely off the grid.

By purchasing six solar panels for $200 each on eBay and installing them on the roof of the bus, the Lanes are able to generate 770 watts of electricity per day to power their refrigerator and any other electronics they use. Additionally, their home includes a propane heater and a composting toilet.

Rachel told the source that living on the bus, which sleeps 10 people and features specially altered IKEA furniture, has changed her perspective and made her more appreciative of basic human needs.

While not everyone is ready to give up their house for a school bus, there are actions you can take to make your home more energy-efficient. To find out what you can do to cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint, contact a home inspection contractor.