Newer buildings struggle to remain energy efficient

Energy efficiency is an important part of maintaining a sustainable amount of natural resources as well as reducing the overall carbon footprint given off by individuals.

Recent research conducted by Honeywell and KRC Research found that although energy is important to builders that are creating new establishments, several other needs are taking precedent too. The study looked at 500 buildings across the U.S. and found that they only scored 35 out of 100 in terms of energy efficiency.

The report found that the most important factor for builders remains safety, with 51 percent indicating it was "the primary gauge of a smart building," but 27 percent also said that green assets can be an indicator of this type of safety. 82 percent agree that the benefits of energy efficiency are vital, but only 53 percent of buildings tested were seen as "technologically advanced" enough to make a real difference.

Some buildings are pledging to make a change though, with the support of The American Institute of Architects (AIA). This group challenges buildings to make a change, tracking the annual percentage of professionals who aim to reduce predicted energy usage (pEUI) by 60 percent. Although this number has increased somewhat, the last plans submitted to the AIA averaged only 34 percent.

By investing in an energy efficiency audit during building or right after, real changes can be made that will impact the efficiency for years to come. Making energy changes, as stated above, can also decrease annual and monthly bills, decreasing costs for companies with ease.

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