New York Governor Andrew Cuomo proposes new power reduction initiative

Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) announced his plan to create an energy-efficiency program that would aim to reduce the power consumption of New York State over the next decade. At a press conference, Governor Cuomo called the new program a "fundamental shift in utility regulation." At the time of the announcement, Governor Cuomo has earmarked nearly $1 billion for funding the initiative.

The project is officially known as the Reforming Energy Vision (REV), which will also focus on the general public's use of technology to help reduce overall electricity and power use. It will also urge utility companies in New York to focus on distributed systems of providing power, which would generate electricity from various small energy sources that are linked together.

One of the ultimate goals of the program is to find ways to reduce peak energy demands in New York State. These peak demands only occur at certain times during the day, but cost taxpayers an unnecessary amount of money to keep the electrical flow running. By reducing these increased power demands, it would eliminate the need for bulky infrastructure needed to transmit power, which would also be beneficial for the environment.

"By introducing and embracing information technology and clean energy solutions, millions of New Yorkers will benefit from a 21st century power grid, enabling them to better manage and reduce their energy costs while protecting and preserving the environment," Governor Cuomo said at the press conference.

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