New system allows homeowners to explore home energy use

Technological developments have allowed consumers to improve their home energy efficiency and monitor their energy bills in a way that ensures they will cut their energy costs and help the environment along the way.

During the green technology industry's VERGE Conference in London last week, business owner Pilgrim Beart unveiled one such development – his AlertMe system, which monitors the energy used by household products and provides homeowners with a detailed visual depiction of how much energy they use on a daily basis. Beart estimates that homeowners could slash their energy consumption by nearly 10 percent after seeing where energy is being wasted.

"In the developed world, we are living in a bubble as far as energy consumption is concerned," Beart told the assembled crowd, according to Green Biz. "We need to bring knowledge about the cost of our actions right down to where we make those decisions."

Last week, this blog reported on a new label system that will be posted in all properties constructed by Clayton Homes – one of the largest homebuilding companies in the country. The color-coded label will help homeowners to better understand how much money is saved through certain energy upgrades that are supported by consumers.

These labels – much like the AlertMe system – could help educate homeowners who might not otherwise understand the ramifications of energy upgrades. If more consumers understood how financially beneficial these reforms are, perhaps more would be willing to invest in these initiatives.

The best place to start may be to hire a local D.C. home inspector with experience assessing home energy efficiency. Starting with an energy audit right up through the integration of more green improvements, homeowners in the Tri-State area can immediately reap the benefits of reforming their energy consumption habits.