New markets begin to focus on energy efficiency

New markets are emerging every day in a range of industries including manufacturing, financial and energy services. As these continue to develop, many experts believe they can play a key role in reducing overall energy consumption.

Although energy prices have continued to decrease in the past 18 years, many governments remain committed to reducing their emissions even further. According to Forbes, private companies and investors should jump on this energy efficient train while they can, especially as the market remains hot.

Governments often have a stronghold over these markets, creating new laws and submitting legislation for better energy practices and a deeper sense of understanding in terms of how they can be changed over time. By creating incentive programs, banning certain items that detract from energy efficiency and offering financial breaks for those that take initiative, real improvements can be made.

In addition to governments, people can make their own changes as well, enabling energy efficiency to flourish in their homes. Keep the following four tips in mind for simple first steps toward better living:

  • Cover hardwood flooring: During the summer, only having hardwood flooring can keep the home cool, but in the winter, it's often better to have something on the ground. This adds to both comfort and overall heat retention in each room, especially if there is a lack of floor insulation.
  • Don't over-dry: Check your clothes during their spin cycle, especially when drying. Clothes often dry faster than one may think, wasting unnecessary energy.
  • Motion detector lights: By installing these lights outside of your home, energy can be reduced, only lighting paths and doorways when necessary.
  • Shorten the shower: Try and take a quicker shower a few morning a week. This will decrease water consumption, and the amount of heat needed to warm it up.

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