New building codes target energy efficiency

Home builders are already looking toward 2016 codes and regulations across the U.S., especially in terms of energy efficiency

According to the Stamford Advocate, many builders expect the most significant changes will involve insulation and other aspects of energy efficiency. Many states are attempting to change energy efficiency rules, under the guidance of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) and other groups.

"Building technology advances, I think, in ways that consumers cannot fathom," said Diane Harp Jones, AIA Connecticut's CEO. "Literally every day there is better, improved science in the way we make buildings. Architects can design to anything — but it's much more protective … if building and fire safety codes are not in conflict."

Other places such as Washington D.C., California and Maryland have begun their own changes as well, installing mandated sprinklers in new homes with energy efficiency in mind, costing more money, but giving many buyers a new peace of mind in the safety of their home.

Many builders interested in this change are motivated by saving money over the life of the structure as well, limiting wasted energy or damage that may occur during extreme events. 

A recent study conducted by the Florida Solar Energy Center found that the changes made throughout buildings in the state created 13 percent overall savings. Even if your building has already been constructed, there are changes that can be made to ensure it is more efficient. 

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