Mold delays school openings across the nation

As kids start heading back to school, facilities that have sat dormant throughout the long, muggy summer are beginning to reveal unseen potential hazards.

Mold testing is being conducted in schools across the country aftera rough season filled with record temperatures and damaging hurricanes.

In the New jersey town of Verona, mold decontamination has been taking place throughout the summer following a leak found in the front of the local Middle School. After a commercial inspection, professionals recommended that the principal close off three classrooms in the front of the building because of poor air quality.

Elsewhere in the state, Berkeley Public Schools underwent testing on September 5. Original mold remediation was conducted in the Berkeley Township Elementary School and Worth Elementary School after inspections found dangerous levels of mold spores in the air. This prompted Superintendent James Roselli to order tests throughout the district, though he told the local Patch newspaper that he is confident local children are learning in a safe environment.

In Rhode Island, schools in Tiverton underwent testing over Labor Day weekend as a precautionary measure following the long summer. One area school had failed initial testing on August 28, though other area schools are expected to be cleared for habitation.

If you suspect your home or business may have sustained damage throughout the summer months, conduct a home inspection with a professional contractor to determine if your space poses a health hazard.