Mobile app helps customers choose between CFL, LED bulbs

Energy-efficient homes are not complete until they have technologically advanced light bulbs that also keep homes well-lit. These bulbs, while more expensive at the time of purchase, provide homeowners with substantial financial benefits over their lifetimes – hundreds of dollars for some individuals.

According to The New York Times, the Environmental Protection Agency awarded Eco Hatchery's Light Bulb Finder mobile application its "Best Overall" title last fall. The application allows homeowners to input their location, at which point the device will tell the user how much money he or she could be saving by using CFL bulbs and LED light bulbs instead of incandescent bulbs.

The Consumer Federation of America and Consumers Union have released a guide for homeowners that will help them discern between their different lighting options. According to the guide, the packages of most new bulbs will have specific lighting facts, similar to nutrition labels found on food, that detail how much energy the bulb will use, its estimated cost over its lifetime and what specific color tone the bulb emits.

As with any scenario involving change, some consumers may still not feel comfortable with these new lighting options, despite the information being provided to them through mobile applications and other sources. These homeowners should contact an experienced Maryland home inspector who can draw upon years of energy knowledge to help this homeowner strike a balance between lower energy bills and optimum light quality.

Maryland homeowners should also understand that inspectors will be able to perform an energy audit that will hone in on qualities of a home that rob it of energy efficiency. Some of these malfunctions, such as inadequate insulation, may not be immediately noticeable to most homeowners.