Midwest couple saves more than $150 in utility bills after upgrading to energy-efficient home

These days, moving into a bigger house doesn't always mean accepting an increase in utility bills. According to Energy Star, by upgrading to an energy-efficient home, new homebuyers can actually save up to 10 percent on their annual energy bills thanks to proper sealing and insulating.

Newlyweds David and Sally Hoppe, of Warrenville, Illinois, who paid up to $200 in monthly electricity bills in a 1,200-square-foot house, said they couldn't believe it when the bill for their new 3,100 square-foot home was only $40, reported the Chicago Tribune.

By using new types of insulation, installing airtight windows and tightly sealing ductwork, lighting portals and attic entry points, builders are making modern homes so well-insulated and energy efficient that homeowners are seeing significant changes in the amount of money they pay per month to heat or cool their homes.

"There have been many advances in the quality of home-building products in the past number of years," Robert Meyn, Midwest director of sales and marketing for Orleans Homes, which built the Hoppe's house, told the source. "Our buyers are living and breathing these changes. To say they are surprised about their heating and cooling costs is a fair statement."

Pat Coveny, chairman of the Home Builders Association of Illinois's energy efficiency and green building initiatives, explained that building science is now a huge part of the housing business. The Hoppes are just one example of the many people saving money by purchasing an energy-efficient home.

Homeowners interested in buying a new property due to its energy efficiency are encouraged to conduct a home inspection to make sure it's as cost-effective as possible. If you live in the Maryland or Washington D.C. area, consider contacting Alban Inspections for all your home inspection needs.