Maryland resident wins discount on brand new energy-efficient home

One lucky Maryland homeowner will have the opportunity to inhabit a brand new energy-efficient home as part of the Prince George's County Department of Housing and Community Development's (HCD) first House Lottery.

According to The Washington Informer, Derek Slocum won a raffle at a housing fair in June, earning him a $250,000 sustainable home in Lanham, Maryland, that he and his wife will be able to purchase for $190,000.

The four-bedroom, two-bath property received a number of eco-friendly upgrades, making it 34 percent more energy-efficient than it was previously, one official told the source. It features contemporary lighting fixtures, new landscaping and energy-efficient heating, air conditioning, windows and appliances. It's also safer to inhabit now that the mold issues it once had have been remedied.

Slocum told the source that he's very pleased with the new home, and says his wife will love the kitchen, with its granite countertops and newly sanded and polyurethane-treated floors.

Other residents in the neighborhood said they're happy to see what was once a distressed property evolve into something so nice.

"We are so pleased to award this home to a deserving family at such a substantially reduced price," said Eric Brown, director of HCD. "The home is a Green Energy Star 3 Home which means it is designed to help the homeowners save money on utility bills and protect the environment through improved building and energy performance.

While not everyone has the same kind of luck as Slocum, individuals who want to adopt green technologies for their home will find that it's very doable, especially with so many statewide incentives and rebates available for those who make energy-efficient upgrades. To get started, contact a home inspection contractor to evaluate your property.