Maryland apartment complex receives LEED Gold Certification

The first apartment building in Montgomery County, Maryland to receive the U.S. Green Building Council's (USGBC) LEED Gold Certification has been completed in Silver Springs. The complex, constructed by national developer Home Properties Inc., is one of thousands of new properties either proposed, being built or recently completed that are taking part in the rigorous LEED Certification program.

Located at 1200 East West Street, the property features an array of amenities for homeowners that the developers hope will both promote well-being as well as make day-to-day living more affordable.

The building itself is smoke-free, and a combination of air filters throughout the building and frequent quality tests from apartment supervisors will aim to ensure residents are breathing healthily.

As well, the location of the complex as near the D.C. area Metro subway system, along with numerous bus-routes, makes this project one of the first transit-oriented developments in the region. This project is also located on the edge downtown Silver Springs, a hotbed of employment, shopping, dining and entertainment options. Because of the convenient locations, developers will encourage residents to abandon their cars in favor of public transportation, and to patronize establishments within walking distance for their daily consumer needs.

The LEED Gold Certification is the second highest ranking that a building can receive from the USGBC and is rarely given to larger residential complexes.

"It is a goal we began working toward when we broke ground for this community. To see our corporate commitment to sustainable design and green construction recognized as a true 'gold standard' is incredibly rewarding to our development team," said Donald Hague, Home Properties' Senior Vice President, in a press release.

Homeowners looking into new homes or want to increase energy efficiency in their current properties should contact a home inspection contractor to ensure their new house is green.