Is there lead paint in your home?

Ninety-five percent of housing units built in Maryland before 1978 contain lead paint, according to the Maryland Department of the Environment.

Is your home one of the many?

Maryland law requires all multi-family and single-family rental dwellings built before 1978 to be tested for lead paint. In addition, federal law requires the disclosure of lead-based paint in all properties sold or leased.

Lead cannot be seen or smelt. Despite this, it can create a range of serious health issues if left untreated in the home including lethargy, frequent headaches, delayed mental and physical developments, and abdominal pain.

Lead paint is most hazardous when it is deteriorating, such as chipping, flaking or chalking. It can also be dangerous when maintenance or remodeling causes lead dust or debris to surface.

Alban Inspections is lead paint inspection qualified, accredited in lead dust pre-occupancy testing, visual compliance inspections and lead risk assessments.

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