Innovative new lighting system makes for greener living

With more and more tech companies releasing new products like advanced tablet computers and multi-function handheld phones, it was only a matter of time before these technologies got integrated into controlling the utilities inside your home.

A new form of lighting management has gone on sale in the U.S. that combines energy efficiency, wireless internet and the lighting fixtures in your residence that lets you control your power consumption remotely.

Greenwave Reality, an environmentally friendly start-up company, introduced its new Connected Lighting Solution kit, which lets you control the lighting in your home through a mobile app on your handheld device or tablet computer.

The kit includes four high-power energy efficient LED light bulbs, a gateway box that connects to a home router and, just in case you can't access the apps on your iPad, a remote control. This all comes with the purchase of the Connected Lighting Solution mobile application, which gives you complete information regarding the consumption and lifetime of your lighting fixtures.

The kit allows you to not only turn off the lighting in your house when you aren't home, but to also set moods by allowing you to dim the lights and stay on top of how much energy is being wasted through your fixtures.

One of the other key features of the device is the ability to dim the lamps that are currently not equipped with such features. This allows you to do more than control utility consumption, but also have a bigger say in your home's aesthetics.

Implementing more energy efficient lighting into your home is only one way to fully integrate greener living into your day-to-day lifestyle. An energy audit from a home inspection contractor can highlight where electricity is being wasted in your home and how you can prevent it from occurring.