Indiana governor wants a new energy efficiency initiative

Last week, when the Energizing Indiana energy efficiency program came to an end, many began to doubt the state's commitment to reduce its power consumption. Governor Mike Pence (R) did not sign a piece of legislation that would cut off funding for the program at the end of 2014, but his lack of approval or veto made the bill that would end the Energizing Indiana official state law. Despite this action, Pence has told the public that he remains deeply committed to improve Indiana's energy portfolio, which will be one of the top priorities of his administration going forward.

In a public statement released after the legislation ending the funding of Energizing Indiana became law, Pence told the public that he would be working with the state legislature and the Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission to create a new energy efficiency program. This new initiative that would not put unfair financial burdens on taxpayers and would allow people to see how they directly benefit from any energy upgrades the state makes. Some environmental advocates, however, remain unconvinced that progress will be made in the near future.

"While I believe that the governor is sincere with his intentions in pursuing legislative options to Energizing Indiana, I'm not so sure that he will succeed," Citizens Action Coalition director Kerwin Olson said in a statement. His group was a major supporter of the now-defunct Energizing Indiana program.

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