How to safely remove lead paint [Video]

Lead paint is a serious safety hazard and can cause major health problems, including lead poisoning. If your home is coated in the toxic mixture, you should remove it as quickly as possible.

Though there are many methods for dealing with lead paint, removal is the most effective option. To begin, gather the proper materials. You’ll need protective gear, such as a disposable respirator, goggles and gloves. Next, pick up plastic wrap and tape to protect surfaces and prevent toxic paint chips from drifting into crevices. Additionally, before you begin, move out all of your furniture and personal items.

Wet sanding is the best method for removing lead paint. For this, you’ll also need a sander and a spray bottle filled with water.

Start the removal process by applying a coat of water to the wall and sanding slowly to prevent large clouds of paint dust from forming. Once you’ve stripped the surface, perform a thorough clean up and roll on a new coat of lead-free paint.

Thanks for watching and be safe.