How to prepare your home for the holidays

During the holiday season, your home goes through a lot of structural stress. From the cold, icy weather on the outside to the swarm of guests using the electricity and plumbing on the inside, your home's infrastructure will be tested during this time. Be prepared for potential holiday problems and make sure your guests stay happy by keeping these tips in mind when preparing your home for holiday visitors:

  • Avoid common plumbing problems: If your home is accommodating a lot of guests for the holidays, chances are one drain or another will become clogged at some point. You can make an effort to prevent this by regularly using an enzymatic cleaner that breaks down the grime that accumulates over time in your pipes. However, if you're having serious problems with clogging drains, it may be a sign of a larger issue, and you should contact a professional home inspector or plumber.
  • Don't overcrowd electrical sockets: With all the Christmas lights blazing, plus guests' devices, your outlets can become overtaxed, causing sparking that can lead to house fires. Make sure you keep track of where everything is plugged in and that if you're using a power strip, you don't exceed the manufacturer's amperage rating.
  • Keep your front walkway clear: Guests shouldn't have to slip and slide to get in and out the door, so make sure you remove all snow and ice from your walkways before hosting.
  • Turn down the thermostat during parties: If you're throwing a large gathering, chances are that the guests' body heat will cause the home to be warmer than usual, so take advantage of this opportunity to give your heating system a break and keep your guests from sweating.

To make sure your home is prepared for the holiday season and beyond, contact Alban for a home inspection today.