How to keep mice from getting into your house

It's that time of year again, when temperatures drop and outdoor critters start looking for a place to keep warm for the winter. If you don't want that warm place to be your house, here are some steps you can take to keep your home from becoming a mouse hotel:

  • Build them out: The most effective way to keep mice and other animals from entering your home is to make sure the building is completely sealed. To fill any holes in the exterior of the house, make sure you use a material that is impossible for rodents to chew through, such as metal or caulking compound.
  • Keep the food safe: Mice and other pests are attracted by the presence of food, so make sure all your edibles are stored in sealable containers or jars that can't be chewed through, and never leave scraps of food on the floor.
  • Be extra sanitary: Speaking of leaving scraps of food around, mice are attracted to, and can more easily hide in, messy and unsanitary locations, such as outdoor trash cans or cluttered basements. Clean up often during the winter to avoid giving rodents anywhere to hide.
  • Set traps: If you suspect a mouse problem, it can't hurt to set mousetraps anywhere mice are likely to be. It can help to be tricky and leave traps around without setting them for a while, so that mice get used to taking the bait from them and won't suspect any danger.
  • Don't rely on the cat: If you're expecting your pet to take care of any pests that get into the house, think again — mice are often able to hide from house cats and will even steal food from their dishes to survive.

If you suspect your house might have taken in some unwelcome guests this winter, call Alban for a home inspection. We will help you determine the extent of the problem and recommend next steps to take.