How to get your kids engaged with green living

Energy efficiency is a top priority for homeowners, as streamlining your energy consumption leads not only to a healthier planet and lower utility bills, but also a cleaner conscience. You may know grownups who find it difficult to change their lifestyles to meet the needs of a greener planet. To avoid this happening with your own kids, help to get them involved in making energy efficiency a part of day-to-day life so that they take good green habits with them into the future.

The perfect place to start is by getting involved with the green efforts at your child's school., a healthy living blog, suggests the following five ways parents can successfully integrate their environmentally-friendly prerogative into their child's curriculum:

  1. Start a committee – Enlist the help of like-minded parents who could meet regularly to discuss the school's sustainability and initiatives you can petition the school to take in improving it's environmental issues.
  2. Involve your children – Beginning with the cafeteria, encourage your children to take active steps to reduce waste, recycle and be wise about the foods they consume, opting for fresher, healthier options instead of processed offerings.
  3. Pack a trash-free lunch – If your child isn't throwing out paper and plastic bags but instead sticking with reusable containers to store their food, they will be making a significant impact on the environment for the long term.
  4. Increase awareness – Petition for signs throughout the school that inform individuals to turn off lights when they aren't in use and other environmentally responsible actions.
  5. Ask for help – You probably aren't the only adult involved in the community who is concerned about the environment, so seek out teachers and administrators who can help you be more effective.

Green living begins at home, so make sure you look into a Maryland home inspection to highlight to you and the rest of the household what changes will help you live a greener life.