How to decide whether to DIY or call a contractor

Sometimes, saving money by doing home improvement projects yourself can be a smart move. You don't need to hire a contractor for every little job, after all. However, there are some projects that do need to be completed by a professional, and you'll just waste time and money trying to do them yourself. Here are a few tips to help you figure out when to call in a contractor:

  • Know your skill level. This is perhaps the most important part of the decision process. If you've done similar projects before with no problems, you likely won't have any this time either, but if you've just barely started tinkering with woodworking equipment, chances are you shouldn't build that shed in the backyard by yourself.
  • Ask the experts. Before you start any home improvement project, make a trip to your local home improvement store to ask about the difficulty of the project you're planning. This is a good way to get an inside view into what you're considering taking on.
  • Consider what failure would mean. In some cases, a failed home improvement project is no big deal, but in others, it could be dangerous or even deadly. Never attempt wiring repairs by yourself, and call in professionals when handling toxic substances, such as mold or lead. Trying and failing to handle these problems by yourself can actually be worse than leaving them alone. 
  • Figure out if it would really save money to DIY. You might think you can save money by doing a project yourself, but if you have to buy a whole new toolkit in order to start, you're probably better off just hiring someone who already has access to the right tools.

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