Home inspection may reveal best ways to boost home value

When making last-minute alterations to a home to increase its value, homeowners should try to focus on making long-term improvements, such as developing energy-efficient homes, instead of incremental changes, like painting walls.

Owners who are selling their homes should contact a home inspection company early on in the sales process if they want to determine what repairs could be made to increase the value of their home. While different improvements may have varied effects depending on the location of the home and what features buyers desire, there are some tenets that hold generally true.

Experts think that superficial alterations, like a fresh coat of paint, may not do much to increase the value of a home. Unless you are removing lead paint from an older home, it shouldn't make much of a difference. Besides, fresh paint, along with new appliances and other aesthetic changes, may be something that buyers prefer to implement on their own.

Instead, homeowners should consider making their properties more energy efficient. These improvements – airtight doors and windows, CFL bulbs, enhanced insulation and HVAC system repairs – come at a relatively low cost and should elevate the value of your home significantly. Furthermore, as more Americans become more conscious of exorbitant energy use, some may be reluctant to even consider buying a home that is not energy efficient.

These energy improvements are not just for those individuals planning on selling their homes in the near future. Green houses provide owners will immediate energy savings. Why not reap those benefits throughout your time in a home, instead of waiting until you put it on the market? A certified home inspection service can conduct an energy audit on your home and suggest long-term improvements that can be made at a low cost.