Hawaii leads nation in energy efficiency

Local governments in Hawaii are setting a model example for homeowners in the state who want to achieve energy-efficient homes, according to a new report published this week by a nonprofit organization.

The Energy Services Coalition (ESC), which advocates environmental stewardship and the modernization of infrastructures to include green initiatives, named Hawaii its top-ranked state when it comes to investing in energy savings. Hawaii plans for 70 percent of its public buildings to rely on green energy by 2030. To achieve that goal, the state has earmarked $150 million for energy improvements.

"Energy savings performance contracting projects combined with other ambitious clean energy programs – such as the aggressive expansion of photovoltaic use at public school facilities – will further our state's energy independence and provide a strong catalyst for job growth," Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie said in a statement.

As an example, one recent project has involved the outfitting of two correctional facilities with water and energy improvements. State officials expect the project to save the state $2.3 million over the next two decades, according to local news source MauiNow.com.

Across the country, ESC officials work with local governments and private contractors to assist with upgrades to green platforms. Although Hawaii has an inherent advantage in the fact that its home heating costs are among the lowest in the nation, homeowners all across the nation – even those living in some of the coldest areas regions – can learn from energy improvements made in Hawaii.

To learn more about how you can retrofit your home with green systems, contact a local home inspection service that can suggest strategies that will help slash your energy bill. Homeowners in the Tri-State area, given its climate, could benefit from improved insulation techniques that will keep heat from escaping the home.