Governor Shumlin signs new energy efficiency law

On Wednesday, June 4, Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont signed into law a new bill that promotes the use of clean heating technology in residential properties. The law is designed to help Vermont citizens cut down on their monthly utility bills by reducing the amount of energy each home consumes. While speaking about the new law, Governor Shumlin said that his goal is to expand on the work that is already being done by the Efficiency Vermont organization to weatherize households and have them convert to renewable sources of energy.

The new programs would offer various financial incentives to those who want to upgrade their residences to make them more energy-efficient. The law promotes the use of green technologies, such as cold climate heat pumps as well as geothermal pumps. These will be especially useful in the winter, when energy bills typically spike as people spend more to keep their homes warm and comfortable.

"For years, through Efficiency Vermont and other organizations, our state has focused like a laser on reducing our electric energy consumption. Add up all the efficiency investments since the year 2000, and Vermonters used an astounding 13 percent less electricity in 2013 than we would have otherwise," Governor Shumlin said in a statement to local reporters.

The legislation is going to be brought to the state's Public Service Board so energy efficiency providers can determine the best course of action to take in order to help people install these new green technologies.

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