Go green without breaking the bank

There are many ways for homeowners to make their houses greener and more eco-friendly. If you want your home to be more sustainable without having to spend a ton of money on renovations, there are simple things you can do to help the environment that will not cost you a penny. In fact, many of these helpful suggestions will most likely end up actually saving you cash in the long run:

Reusable bags: Cut down on your plastic consumption every time you go to the store by bringing in the same bags each time you shop. Certain stores- such as CVS and Target- will even offer you a discount if you bring in your own bag. In addition to helping the environment, you will also be reducing the amount of trash and clutter in your house. Do not waste the enormous amounts of plastic to just throw the bag away the moment you get home from the store.

Start a compost: Do not throw away old food scraps or coffee grounds, but instead use them to start a compost pile. Grass clippings and paper products can also be added, cutting down on the amount of trash you produce while also creating nutrient-rich soil that can be used in the yard.

Turn down the heat: Especially during the winter months, do not turn the thermostat up more than is absolutely necessary. Using less energy will reduce your carbon emissions, and will save you money each month when you have a smaller utility bill. Keep the heat lower and wear extra layers of clothes or blankets to keep warm. Stay comfortable, but don't go overboard with heating.

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