Get attic insulation advice from ENERGY STAR with #RuleYourAttic

Attic insulation is crucial in winter – the attic is one of the locations where the greatest amount of energy is wasted in the form of heat loss. If you have a drafty attic but aren't sure how to go about fixing it, this is your opportunity to get advice from the experts in energy conservation: ENERGY STAR is hosting an online event called "Rule Your Attic", ongoing until Nov. 28. If you post a picture or video of yourself measuring the insulation level in your attic and tag it with #RuleYourAttic or @ENERGY STAR, you will receive an expert response on how to improve your insulation, personalized for the particular situation in your home.

If you're not sure whether your attic insulation needs improvement, consider these factors: Do ice dams (large, thick accumulations of ice that cover the edges of the roof and gutters) tend to form on your roof in winter? Have your heating or cooling bills been unusually high? Are there some rooms in your home that are draftier than others or, when you touch the walls or ceiling, are they noticeably hot or cold? Improving your attic insulation level can help mitigate all of these problems. 

Attic insulation can sometimes be completed by the homeowner, but in more difficult cases, it can be wiser to hire a professional. If your attic has limited access, moisture problems including rotting wood, or knob and tube wiring installed before the 1930s, installing insulation can be dangerous and is best left to someone with more experience.

If you're wondering whether your attic could be losing energy and costing you money, schedule an energy audit with Alban. We will pinpoint the locations where energy is being lost and make suggestions for improvements, which could be eligible for rebates from one of our sponsored programs (Potomac Edison, the Pepco Home Energy Savings Program, or BGE Smart Energy Savers).